YT-181 is an efficient general
purpose PVC methyltin stabilizer
used in many applications.  It is
suitable for use in rigid PVC extrusion
for weathering and non-weathering,
injection molding and calendaring.  It
has a good balance of properties
giving outstanding initial color and
long-term stability.  It also meets the
requirements for FDA PVC
packaging applications.

YT-181 contains about 19% tin and is a clear colorless or pale yellow liquid
with low odor.  It is soluble in organic solvents.  It will hydrolyze with water and
become hazy or cloudy.


Standard packaging includes one-way IBC totes (about 2600 lbs.) and bulk
tanker.  Other packaging sizes may be available on special request.

Storage and handling

Indoor storage is recommended in a dry, cool and well-ventilated area.  Keep
containers closed to avoid contact with moisture and air.  Operators should
use suitable PPE (personal protective equipment).   In case of contact with
skin, flush with water immediately.  Please refer to the specific MSDS (material
data sheet) for additional details and information.